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Does it ever annoy you how some marketers try to get your attention?

These days, we have so many ways to get in touch with people through social, email, phone calls and more. Even though it seems like there’s so many ways to reach out, at the same time, these forms of contact are impersonal and distant. There is, in a sense, a digital wall that people can hide behind. So, when you’re trying to reach someone to them or to connect with them, you must be strategic about the message you are sending.

Here are 3 Forward Strategies you can use when establishing your first impression via email:

1. Use a subject line, title, message or headline that’s unique, that’s different. Not “Hey, I’m selling widgets,” but, “Did you know this widget could save your life and be the resource for everything you have ever needed and help you to be successful?” That might be slightly over the top, but you get the point. This is your hook, something that makes your audience want to keep reading. What makes your content or offer unique? What problem does it solve for your audience?

2. Include something visually appealing. Make sure that your communications are not just text. The risk of your communication being only text, especially a lot of text, is that the message gets buried. One easy way to handle this is to take a quote or an emphasis word like, “Hey” and put it in a rectangle and put a colorful (and on brand) bar around it. You’ve seen it in magazines, a large quote lifted from the text—maybe italicized type—that stands out and helps break up the print around it.

3. Have a compelling call to action. What is it that you want this person to do once they receive this communication? There’s a reason that you’re sending it to them, and it needs to be very prominent. For example, you may want them to fill out a survey, click a link, buy your product or watch a video. Make it clear and explain why it matters to them or what they can get out of it.

Once your message catches your audience’s attention, be sure that it also provides them with something of value. Know your audience. What is it they want that only you can provide? You have to offer your audience something beyond your product or service, you need a message beyond “buy this.”

By adding value, you build an audience that will keep coming back to you, for content and for your product or service.

All My Best, Kasia

Work Hard & Dream Big!

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