When Joel Boggess first approached me to be on his Relaunch Show, I was extremely hesitant. It wasn’t that I didn’t have confidence to talk about marketing, branding or even creating a Digital Agency from scratch called MergeForward.com when my kids were so young and I was a single mom.

What scared me was the act of being vulnerable about my journey. Opening up has always been extremely hard for me. The shame, guilt and blame that twirl around my already fast thinking head gets overwhelming and always leads to thinking what I could have done differently or better to change difficult outcomes. It can be exhausting.

But I did the interview with Joel anyway. I followed my fear and the results that came from talking about my vulnerabilities were opposite of what I expected.

Relief, peace and a sense of pride came over me that although I overcame tremendous obstacles, I’m still here. Living, breathing and making it happen! 

I hope this interview on the relaunch show brings inspiration to your life and that you know, you’re never alone in your struggles.


What you will hear in our discussion:

  • Toxic People and Recovery Blockers
  • Build Entrepreneurial Confidence
  • Learn Not to Take Things Personally
  • Find Spiritual Healing
  • Recover From Infidelity
  • Starting Over for Single Moms

All my best, 

Kasia Johnson






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